Covid-related thoughts that might help

Here is a preview of Covid-related insights from a forthcoming episode of Solo (on 7/30).

These three observations were made by friends whom I sought advice from after a covid-related meltdown I was having.

1. “The cavalry is not coming.”

By now, this should be self-explanatory. There is no institution that is going to swoop in and fix your situation.

It’s on you. And your friends/family. Lean on them.

2. “It’s a rainy day.”

If you are fortunate enough to have an emergency (i.e., rainy day) fund, this is the time to use it–during a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic. Can you throw money at your problems?

If not money, can you throw time at your problems? Spend time on trying to make your situation better. What is no longer important that you can de-prioritize to make time and energy for problem solving?

3. “Stop trying to make things normal.”

Indeed. Nothing is normal about this situation-and sadly, normal is a long ways away. Trying to make it so will make you crazy.

You are part of a grand experiment. Embrace the abnormal. Time for new activities, habits, thinking, etc.

Tune in on Thursday, July 30th for a deeper dive into these ideas.

Be safe out there, good solos.

Thank you, Darwyn Metzger, Shane Mauss, and Stephen Morrison.