What does(n’t) the TSA allow you to put in your checked baggage?

The other day, a co-author, Bridget Leonard, was preparing a poster for the upcoming Association for Consumer Research conference. She needed to bring thumbtacks with her on the plane and was not sure would be able to carry them on. I was not sure either. Seriously. If you have spent any time traveling by air, you know how the list of prohibited items for carry on baggage borders on absurd. So, we looked up the list of prohibited items. Thumbtacks are indeed allowed in carry on baggage.  However, what was nearly as interesting is the list of things that that are not prohibited in checked baggage.


Which of the following weapons does TSA allow you to place in your checked bags?

A) Stun gun

B) Nunchukas

C) Pellet gun

D) Brass knuckles

The answer to the quiz is shocking.

Trick question! You are allowed to put all of the above in your checked bag.  Other notable items include: ammunition, bb guns, firearms, cattle prods, axes (and hatchet – though I don’t know what the difference is), saws, hammers, billy clubs, black jacks, pepper spray/mace, throwing stars, and snow globes.

Note: snow globes are not allowed in carry-on baggage (regardless of size or amount of liquid inside).

The reason for threat-level orange?

Learn more about it the rules: HERE