Help me make my blog better.

As I mentioned recently, I am on a year-long sabbatical. In the spirit of change, I am looking to you to help me think of new ideas to address in the blog.  What would you like me to address? I will listen to any ideas. Just keep them loosely related to the topic of the blog: judgment, emotion, and choice.


Here are a few blog posts that I am working on. Do any jump out as particularly interesting?

How do you switch off?

Is nostalgia making you less satisfied with your stuff?

Why is poker more like tennis than it is like blackjack?


I am also happy to host guest blogs. Interested in writing one? Here are some good examples from the past two years:

Alonzo Bodden: A comedian reads McGraw and Warren (2010)

Caleb Warren: Who is the Coolest President – and What Makes Him Cool?

Jennifer Jordan: What do you and Elliot Spitzer have in common?

Joel Warner: Do We Have What It Takes to Be “Professional Laughers”?