SXSW: Comedy Tech – How Funny Shapes our Future

The Humor Code is headed to SXSW. Come to our panel, “Comedy Tech: How Funny Shapes our Future,” on Saturday 3/9 at 3:30 PM.  SXSW info.  Facebook invite.

Panelists: Alf Lamont, Joel Warner, Heather Knight and me.

-We know that comedy and the Internet go hand in hand but is there more to this marriage than meets the eye?

-What’s really behind the success of Funny or Die? , College Humor, and Cracked? Do Reddit, Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter all share this commonality?

-Reach beyond cat videos and memes to see how behavioral scientists, journalists, a roboticist, and her robot are advancing our understanding of the world by tapping in to your funny bone and developing the algorithms that may be the key to unlocking The Humor Code.

-All this AND the first robotic comic ever to perform at SXSW!


Three SXSW events that I am attending:

How to Measure Social Media

Sitting Will Kill You. Can Mobile Save Us?

SXSW Comedy Opening Party (of course)