Solo’s Three Year Anniversary

Three years ago today, I launched the Solo podcast (five episodes dropped during the last week of 2019) and changed my life.

The project has exploded with media hits, the community on slack, and Solo Salons, for example.

I have learned a ton, made new friends, challenged myself creatively, and pursued more a more authentic life. Most importantly, I am exploring my vulnerability and being rewarded for it (mostly).

To recap and look ahead, I invited Kym Terribile and Julie Nirvelli into the Solo Studio to tape episode 150(!). Frequent listeners know these two well. They’ve been with me from the start (episode 1), as well as numerous others.

As mentioned in the 150th episode, my book is “for sale” with publishers. It is not getting the interest that I would have liked, but no matter! The gatekeepers of the publishing world are not going to stop me. Stay tuned for updates.

Thank you for supporting me and being part of this emerging movement.