Podcast: Solo

The single person’s guide to a remarkable life

In a world where most people get married, where do you turn for advice if you don’t want to settle down — for now or forever? Solo is the single person’s guide to a remarkable life.

Welcome to the podcast that explores how being unattached affords you the opportunity to be adventurous, start a business, make art, travel the world, get in shape, or simply sleep in when you want to. Join Dr. Peter McGraw — behavioral scientist, humor researcher, and bachelor – as he interviews unmarried men and women living remarkable lives and assembles advice from leading experts about health, fitness, money, business, travel, fashion, art, leisure, and of course, sex and dating.

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Shane Mauss
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Finally being understood

I constantly have to explain to family and friends why I am not getting married even when they often complain about marriage. I like living outside the social norms but it can be tough to talk to people about sometimes. This is such a fun, funny, and informative way for me to feel like I’m not flying solo alone. I’m excited this exists. Off to an amazing start
Joe Octane
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What took so long?

The series is so far both fun and smart, and I'm surprised nobody has taken on the topic of "unapologetically unattached" in such a manner before. I can't wait to see what's to come.
Not Solo, But A Fan
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Serious, Silly, and Ph.D Level Smart

Dr. McGraw is a unique person in the field of academia, always bringing an intelligent and personal angle to an unexplored and off beat idea. He did with morality research, then with humor research in his amazing book the Humor Code, and now with Solo, his most personal project yet. Just when you think he’s going to be serious, he is silly, and just when you think another joke is coming he brings in the serious advice and legitimate science. An outsider and insider to every topic he approaches all at once...


SOLO 87 Kinneret Lahad part 1 | Waiting

Waiting – Part 1

  Peter McGraw is joined by guest co-host Iris Schneider for part 1 of a conversation about “waiting” with Kinneret Lahad, a sociologist who conducts

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SOLO 86 | Working In Solitude

The Power Of No Power

  Being single provides optionality (i.e., having the right but not obligation to take action.) In other words: freedom. Yet, singles often fail to consider

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SOLO 85 Anita Dhake | Power Of Thrift

The Power Of Thrift

  Being single provides optionality (i.e., “having the right but not the obligation to take action.”) Peter McGraw speaks to Anita Dhake (aka the Thriftygal) to examine how money can buy

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SOLO 83 | Solo Travel

Solo Travel

  Welcome to the final episode of Peter McGraw’s series on solitude. He invites two solo travelers – one part-time and one full-time – to

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SOLO 82 | Only Child

The Only Child

   For the penultimate episode of a six-part series on solitude, Peter McGraw speaks to Susan Newman, an expert who has written the book about

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SOLO 81 Sasha Cagen | QuirkyAlone Movement


  Peter McGraw continues his series on solitude with a conversation with Sasha Cagen, the founder of the QuirkyAlone movement. A QuirkyAlone is someone who enjoys being single (but is not

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SOLO 80 Mason Currey | Solitude

Creating In Solitude

   Peter McGraw is joined by guest co-host Lily Rains to continue the mini-series on solitude. They talk to Mason Currey, an author of a book that reveals

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