Class, meet your Board of Evaluators

Fairness in grading is important to teachers and students. I am trying a new technique with the hope of increasing fairness. I have invited members of the Denver/Boulder business community to serve on a “Board of Evaluators” for my consumer behavior class. Later this semester, students will be creating short YouTube presentation on branding. The board, which has a couple of former students on it, will be involved in grading it.

And here they are:

Julie Nirvelli. Head Honcho at @WhiteGirlSalsa

@joniklippert: Head of Customer Development @GoVictorOps, part-time wine blogger for @denverwagon, foodie, wino, Boulderite, nerd

@ehdecker: Insight & Strategy at @IntegerGroup. Cheese steak snob. Comic geek.

@lindspanther: Currently in sales at Gnip. Previously held stints at Splick-it and Major League Gaming. CU Alumni. Ignite speaker and marathon runner.

@laurenbrekke:  Planning events & marketing for @McAfee. Former CU-AMA President.

@mattdecaussin:  Account Executive at @Kapost | Lover of cities + startup culture + outdoor adventures + craft cocktails.

On occasion, they will check in on the class hashtag (i.e., Clashtag): #m3250