Leeds Business Insights comes to Denver (11/7)

Quick post: Last chance to RSVP for Leeds Business Insights event down in Denver tomorrow night (11/17/2017).

Innovative research for real-world impact

Leeds Business Insights is a series of speaking and networking engagements featuring today’s groundbreaking research that shapes tomorrow’s workplace. Come engage with your fellow alumni and our world-renowned faculty as they each share 15-minute thought-provoking and inspirational ways their research impacts business, the workplace and daily life.

Stefanie Johnson

Mitigating bias and maximizing organizational success

Dr. Stefanie Johnson, Associate Professor of Management

The business case for diversity is simple: the most demographically balanced organizations are best positioned to deal with an evolving global economy. Dr. Johnson explains the factors that impede workplace diversity and methods of mitigating these subtle yet powerful biases to maximize diversity and create more inclusive organizations.

Leeds Business Insights Phil Fernbach

The knowledge illusion

Dr. Philip Fernbach, Assistant Professor of Marketing

Humans have built hugely complex societies and technologies, but most of us don’t even know how a pen or a toilet works. How have we achieved so much despite understanding so little? Learn about the communal nature of intelligence, and why we often assume we know more than we really do.

What’s so funny about leadership: fostering innovation, managing crisis and inspiring others

Dr. Peter McGraw, Associate Professor of Marketing and Psychology

Drawing on case studies and cutting-edge behavioral research, Dr. McGraw discuss how effective leaders use humor to gather feedback, communicate ideas, deflect criticism, foster creativity, lead change, build brands and strengthen workplace culture.