Join a research study on solo living

Good Solos:

A solo listener (Krystal Wilkinson of Manchester Metropolitan University) is running a study on solo living during the pandemic. Here is some more information. Please consider helping her research project:

An exploration of the work-life balance of solo-living employees transitioning to home working in the context of the pandemic

 Would you like to take part in this research?

  • Do you live alone and do not have children
  • Aged 18-65
  • Were in full-time employment prior to the commencement of the pandemic in March 2020
  • Have transitioned to working from home since the commencement of the pandemic

 What would be involved?

  • Sharing your experiences (benefits and challenges) of making the transition to work from home
  • Taking part in an 50-60 minute interview (via Skype, Zoom or telephone) at a date/time convenient to you

 Interested in taking part? For more details about the study, please e-mail Dr Krystal Wilkinson at k.wilkinson@mmu.ac.uk