Yo, it’s startup week

Boulder has experienced an explosion in (tech) startups.The influx of talent has made for a vibrant atmosphere in town. A host of networking and educational events have also sprung up.

Take Boulder Startup Week as an example.


Each May, we throw a 5-day event that showcases the unique startup culture of Boulder. No registration required. You’ll find meetups, coffee shop pow-wows, the largest Ignite in the world, parties, drinks, food, hikes, bike rides, sun, and good people.


Find the full schedule is here. (Note: the Humor Code is participating. Joel and I are presenting a talk on the science of funny marketing.)

The week kicks off on with Ignite Boulder (tonight: 5/16). If you are attending, here are three “Sparks” you don’t want to miss:

RFID = Really F***ing IncreDible (Carrie Requist)

— Cholesterol is Good! (Michael Gaeta)

— Opera is a fish oil supplement (Tierney Bamrick)