Ever been to a micronation?

I recently returned from a trip to Europe, which featured talks at London Business School and the Rotterdam School of Management. In between those enjoyable destinations, I visited Denmark and Sweden as part of the Humor Code‘s invesitation into the dark side of humor.

Part of our “dark side” expedition examined the Mohammed Cartoon Controversy. And one of the more interesting characters therein is Lars Vilks, a Swedish artist, who is famous for a thirty-year Nimis sculpture project. As part of the project, Lars created the micronation of Ladonia. In order to visit the country, which is located on the southwest coast of Sweden, we battled darkness, inclement weather, and steep snowy terrain.

Joel reacts…

In case you are wondering how to create your own micronation, here is a primer. Of course, you don’t have to start your own, you could just apply to be a citizen of Ladonia. Citizenship is free, but there is a $12.00 USD charge if you want to be part of the noble class. Ladonia has about 40,000 inhabitants, which is much larger than the Ladonia, Texas (population = 667).


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