Peculiar (and definitely funny) questions: Part 2

One of my more irreverent posts. If you haven’t already seen it, check out Part 1.

A few years ago I asked my students some peculiar questions as part of a voluntary anonymous survey. Besides getting their yes/no agreement, I also asked if the questions were funny (yes/no) and offensive (yes/no):

Last week, I posted the questions that more than half of the students said yes to. Here is the other half of the questions:

Yes (%) Offensive (%) Funny (%)
-Do you believe in reincarnation? 44 3 3
-Do you whiten your teeth? 44 4 6
-Do you drink milk out of the carton? 43 6 10
-Do you believe in ESP (extra sensory perception)? 39 4 15
-Do you believe in ghosts? 35 2 16
-Do you know who Peter North is? 33 3 30
-Do you put your socks on before your pants? 29 1 39
-Have you ever wet your bed as a college student? 28 7 54
-Do you dream in black and white? 14 3 15
-Do you know who Oliver North is? 14 3 9
-Do you believe in unicorns? 12 2 47
-Do you eat your boogers? 7 13 49

……“I swear that I am not Peter North.”

Some observations:

-Across all the questions, there was a positive correlation (r = .47) between mean funniness and offensiveness ratings. That is, the more offensive the question was judged the funnier it was also judged.

-There are some really peculiar questions here.

-The responses to the bed wetting questions is the most disturbing to me.

– I don’t know what to make of the response to the unicorn question.

– My students are more likely to know a porn actor than a


What do you notice?











……….One kind of Dutch Oven, but not the funny kind.