Humor and Well-being

I have been asked to a give a talk at a law and well-being conference today. The title of the talk is: What Makes Things Funny? Implications for Morality, Good Manners and Well-Being A talk like this makes me think about my humor research in new ways. When people consider

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My Boulder Startup Week Talk: Change through Comedy

Boulder Startup Week is back. Each May, we throw a 5-day event that showcases the unique startup culture of Boulder. No registration required. You’ll find meetups, coffee shop pow-wows, the largest Ignite in the world, parties, drinks, food, hikes, bike rides, sun, and good people. I am giving a talk, Change through

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Free research idea: How to stop trolls without censorship

My second “free research idea.” (Note: This one is not as good as the first.) People can be nasty. When people are nasty on the internet, they are called trolls. Urban Dictionary’s definition of a troll: One who purposely and deliberately (that purpose usually being self-amusement) starts an argument in

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SXSW: Comedy Tech – How Funny Shapes our Future

The Humor Code is headed to SXSW. Come to our panel, “Comedy Tech: How Funny Shapes our Future,” on Saturday 3/9 at 3:30 PM.  SXSW info.  Facebook invite. Panelists: Alf Lamont, Joel Warner, Heather Knight and me. -We know that comedy and the Internet go hand in hand but is

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Does handling money make you a bad person?

I visited Erasmus University on a sabbatical visit. While there, I interviewed some of the faculty about their research. Here is the second interview, where I asked marketing professor Nicole Mead about her research on money Does handling money make you a bad person? So there you have it: It

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Does the color pink hurt anti-cancer campaigns?

I visited Erasmus University as part of my sabbatical. While there, I interviewed some of the faculty about their research. Here is the first interview, where I asked Marketing Professor Stefano Putoni about his research on gender identity. The question: Does the color pink hurt anti-cancer campaigns? (Apologies for my

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Things don’t go viral (except for viruses)

You have heard the stories about viral videos that receive millions of views. One part of those stories, however, is not true. Things don’t go viral the way that viruses that do. .…………………………..Not the way it happens Academics, business people, and the man on the street commonly believe that interesting

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Podcast - I'm Not Joking

Curtain Call

  Welcome to the final episode of I’M NOT JOKING. Comedian JD Lopez returns from Episode 1 to debrief and reflect on Peter’s experience building

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