Meet the Board of Evaluators for my Consumer Behavior Class

Fairness in grading is important. In order to improve the validity of my grading, I have invited members of the Denver/Boulder business community to serve on a “Board of Evaluators” for my consumer behavior class. Later this semester, students will be creating short YouTube presentation on branding. The board will watch the videos and dispense grades and advice.

Here they are:

Julie Nirvelli. Head Honcho at @WhiteGirlSalsa

@joniklippert: VP Product , foodie, wino, Boulderite, nerd.

@ehdecker: Insight & Strategy at @IntegerGroup. Cheese steak snob.

– @missbikesalot: Co-founder of Naked Women’s Racing | Director of Marketing & | Two wheels, skinny skis, hot yoga addict

@laurenbrekke: Planning events & marketing for @McAfee. Former CU-AMA President.

@mattdecaussin: Customer Development + Success || Lover of cities + startup culture + outdoor adventures + craft cocktails.

On occasion, they will check in on the class hashtag (i.e., Clashtag): #MKTGCU