Peter McGraw

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Emotional Accounting Part 1 (complementing mental accounting)

My good friend, Jonathan Levav, and I recently published a paper in the Journal of Marketing Research that examines how people’s feelings about money influence their consumer choices.  The abstract pretty much says it all: Mental accounting posits that people track their expenditures using cognitive categories or “mental accounts.” The authors propose that this cognitive […]

Invitation to Peter McGraw’s TedxBoulder talk: “What makes things funny?”

On Saturday, August 7th – starting at 4 pm, I will be participating in TedxBoulder at Chautauqua Auditorium (http://tedxboulder.com). The talk will be an overview of my humor research. And yes, I will be answering the question of what makes things funny. Watch out for the “frown.” Also, check out, TEDxBoulder: Speakers to bring diverse […]

Peter McGraw launches his blog – finally.

Good people, After too much planning, I am finally launching my blog — a small (but deep) voice in a sea of a few hundred million blogs.  I know I *should* post something every day, but given my busy pre-tenure schedule, I suspect that once a week is a more reasonable goal. Q: What will […]