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Eight minutes with Louis C.K.

Comedian, actor, writer, and producer, Louis C.K, recently performed his stand-up act at the Paramount Theater in Denver, CO. I pulled a few strings and managed to  speak with him before his performance. How Louis C.K. felt about my questions. . In previous posts (here and here) I addressed why understanding humor is important. Despite […]

Guest post by Caleb Warren: Humor Theories – The Big Three

Some pretty bright folks have asked the question, what makes things funny? Despite efforts from the likes of Aristotle, Kant, and Freud, there’s been little agreement on the answer. There are hundreds if not thousands of different humor theories, many of which fall into one of three broad categories: superiority theories, relief theories, and incongruity […]

Can you live an immoral life and make up for it right before you die?

George Newman, a post doc at the Yale School of Management, recently gave a talk at the Leeds School of Business. He and I had a chance to chat about his research, and I asked him about a paper that he published recently. The paper is related to the notion that death bed (aka end-of-life) […]

Another neuoromarketing publicity stunt?

I recently wrote a post about a market research company, NeuroFocus, that specializes in neuromarketing techniques. I questioned the strength of the methodology they used to support a claim that neuoro-imaging helped improved the sales of a magazine. Well, not to pick on NeuroFocus, but I wonder if they are over-claiming again. In a press […]