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Is evidence for ESP an indictment of the peer review process?

I have ESP on my mind lately (see this post and this post). A potentially controversial paper on ESP authored by Daryl Bem and colleagues, which is forthcoming in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, got me wondering about an important questions about the  peer-review process: In spite of the lofty standards of top […]

Guest Post by Caleb Warren – Why is humor prevalent and pleasurable?

Apes, babies, and people everywhere (with the possible exception of Switzerland) enjoy humor. But why is humor so prevalent? And why is it so pleasurable? Why do we seek spouses, friends, books, movies, television programs, websites, and LOL cat photographs that make us laugh? Most likely, humor is ubiquitous and enjoyable because it somehow enhances […]

When are too many choices not too many choices?

Kelly Herd is a PhD student at the Leeds School of Business. Kelly’s expertise is in the area of consumer behavior, creativity, and innovation. I asked her when is “too many choices” not too many choices? Her response: . . Kelly’s research highlights a limitation of the emerging belief that providing consumers with “too many […]

You, the powerful shopper

Consumers have never been more powerful. Why? Here are two reasons: 1) The rise of the smartphone ……… Almost better than cash. Actually, it is the power of information. To demonstrate the power of information, I recently conducted a class demonstration: I held up a copy of the book “The Magic of Thinking Big” and […]

Are you more aggreeable and extraverted than a comedian?

Probably.. I recently met Louis C.K. backstage before a stand-up performance (documented in this post). One striking observation was his demeanor during the performance was much more appealing than during the interview. Why? A large literature in psychology finds that people are strongly influenced by situational rather than dispositional consideration, and in that regard, he […]

Flash post: How would you sell this rubber chicken?

Kit, co-owner of the Boulder cafe Atlas Purveyors (@atlaspurveyors), is helping me run an experiment. We want to sell this rubber chicken: How would you do it? Tell us: ____ Lower the price (e.g., only $.50) ____ Raise the price (e.g., only $5) ____ Make it scarce (e.g., last one!) ____ Highlight its benefits (e.g., […]

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